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How We’re Different

Other estate planning businesses will often offer a small commission, a pat on the back and not much else.

Aside from educating your client on estate planning, We want to create business for YOU!
We utilize online webinars to educate your clients on the importance of estate planning and Fixed Indexed Annuities. When you send your clients to learn from us they will leave with information and interest in the FIA, this is where you have the opportunity to further educate and hopefully… Close the sale!
Our unique webinar has provided the participating agents nearly $100 MILLION Dollars in annuity premium.

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Support For You & Your Clients Every Step of The Way

As an agent, you're always looking for new ways to get in front of prospective clients and re-engage with past clients. Our goal is to educate your clients not only in regard to estate planning but on financial products that YOU sell.

We have to be transparent and open to your suggestion if we are to truly be a system that works for both of us. In our members area we promote dialogue that drives our service to be better. Your needs are just as important to us as your clients.

Why We Like the Fixed Indexed Annuity

The FIA is a great tool for ensuring your clients retirement money remains their retirement money. With the market crashing being a constant fear, the FIA removes the fear your client may be experiencing.

Market Downside Protection

No more worrying about the market, your client might even want to open their account statements every year. Growth with no stress is a good thing.

Minimal Risk

The structure of the FIA is so that your clients money is never actually exposed to the market. This means low risk to principle.

Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Your clients will enjoy the lifestyle and income they have created for themselves and will never have to worry about outliving their money

Agent Commissions

The average dollar amount moved from a 401K to a FIA is $182,000. at 8% commission that’s $14,000 in commission. Not bad right?

Agent FAQs


How does this work?

By signing up for your free membership you will be granted access to our members area where content will be created to help you as an agent succeed as well as our online webinar that you can send to your clients.

Do I have to switch or get new appointments to use your service?

Absolutely not! We simply advocate for certain financial products WE like. You are under no obligation to sell or advocate for those same products. Our goal is to educate your client and hopefully get them to speak with you about their current needs.

Do I get compensated for bringing my clients to

No, we do not offer any monetary compensation for referrals. Our hope is that the commission you make as a result of your client watching our webinar will make up for the lack of a referral fee.

Is there a limit to how many clients I can send to the webinar?

No, you can send as many people as you wish. The more people you send the better opportunity you will have to close sales!

What if my client doesn’t want to move forward?

Our focus is on giving your client the opportunity to learn about the products we advocate for. Working with your client and solving their specific needs will be your responsibility.

I don’t like the FIA (Fixed Indexed Annuity). Do I have sell it to use your service?

No, We simply advocate for ensuring someones retirement money is safe. In our opinion the FIA does this. However, every client is different and has their own needs. If the FIA does not fit their needs, we suggest you work with them to find a product that does.

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